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Web Design & Development Course in Karachi

Web Design & Development Course in Karachi

Batch A Online/On-Site

Starting From 5th June 2024

Saturday: 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Sunday: 5:00pm to 7:00pm


10 Months


Rs. 10,000/- Month

Batch B - Online Only

Starting From 25th June 2024

Tuesday & Thurday

6:00pm to 8:00pm


2 Months


Rs. 10,000/- Month

Learn the Most In-Demanded Course of the Near Future!

Kick start your career with our intensive web development course led by top-notch faculty of Karachi, Pakistan. Since the fast-paced technology has wrapped everything into digital means, the website has become an essential need for every business. In the upcoming 10 years, a web development course is going to be the most in-demand job. Begin before it’s too LATE.


Choose the right academy.


Practice makes perfect


Acquire the interview skills

Are You Ready to Earn Dollars and make the Economy Better?

Pakistan is the 3rd largest country that supports IT sourcing throughout the world. Digital Minds is on a mission to groom and shape our youth in such a way, that they become capable of handling off-shore clients, grabbing freelance projects from them, earning in dollars, and making Pakistan’s economy better. Digital Minds Pakistan, a web development institute in Karachi is working on this mission by providing the facility of web development course in Karachi.

Why Do You Need a Web Developer Course in Karachi?

Businesses rely on web developers. When everything has been transformed into digital means, people love to get information at their fingertips. Instead of visiting the platform, they visit websites to check the credibility of the organization. Business owners have to make sure they have a high-tech and stylish website that grabs the visitor.

Hence web developers are never going to be out-dated. So if you get your hands on this course, you are going to rule the industry!

Want to be a Web Developer in Karachi? Enroll Now at Digital Minds Pakistan, a web development institute in Karachi!

Who can Enroll in this Most Powerful Web Development Course?

This course is ideally designed for individuals who are enthusiastic about creating websites using their creativity to engage the visitor. If you are the one with an innovative mind, willing to add some amazing skills to your tool kit, a web development course is your go! We are offering web development course in Karachi.

What Makes Us Stand Out from the Crowd?

Digital Minds is a platform where candidates do not only learn, but they excel in the field and are ready to step in professionalism as soon as they complete their program.

We believe students should have an easy and fun way to learn things. For this reason, we make students work on live projects, so they can gain practical experience.

We prepare our candidates to build career-boosting websites. Our pass out ends up with a bucket heaped with knowledge and creative ideas.

At Digital Minds Pakistan, students end up with adding technology skills and coding languages in their tool kit.

The cherry-on-top part is Digital Minds Pakistan ensures placement in top-notch companies of the country.

We leave no stone unturned while training our students. We start from scratch (including fundamental concepts), landing on a noticeable, and a professional website.

Candidates learn from industry-experienced faculty members.

Web development is an umbrella term that covers several aspects. During this Course You’ll Learn:

PHP – server-side scripting languages, utilized to build web applications.

MySQL – a strong open-source database server responsible for managing a large concurrent database connection.

JS (JavaScript) – a very in-demand programming language.

JQuery – is a lightweight, “write less, do more”, JavaScript library.

WordPress – a website creation platform that is open-source, written in PHP.

Although uncountable institutes are offering web development courses in Karachi, you might be afraid of sky-high charges. Digital Minds Pakistan, a web development institute in Karachi doesn’t want to burden our youth with expensive fancy packages, which might make them reconsider the decision of gaining a skill set. Hence, we have designed an economical-friendly package, which won’t cost you an arm and leg.


You’ll become an expert in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery and WordPress. You can download the course glossary for Web Development Mastery Course in Karachi.


After completing the web development course training in Karachi, you have to pass the evaluation test to secure the certificate.

The duration of this web development training course is 6 months. Click here to download the course glossary.

To enroll, you need to fill out the online form. Once done; you’ll get the confirmation call. You can visit the faculty and then submit the fees. You are all set to learn web development course in Karachi.

Enroll now at Digital Minds Pakistan’s web development course in Karachi so you don’t miss the opportunity to succeed.


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