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Learn The Art of Selling Through Amazon

The complete Amazon selling blueprint. Start a brand new career today, even if you are on a very small start-up budget.

Amazon Training in Karachi

Pakistan’s addition to the Amazon seller list brings the wave of opportunities for Pakistanis. This cloud-based market place already has a huge number of investors making billions each month. The addition of Pakistan to the seller list is for sure going to overcrowd the eCommerce market giant with an uncountable number of e-sellers and make it more challenging. Sometimes it can be notoriously difficult to unleash maximum value through Amazon.

To overcome this challenge, Digital Minds Pakistan is offering role-based amazon training in Karachi helping individuals to gain proficiency in uniquely selling on this platform and stand out from the noise. Amazon course in Karachi offered by DM Pakistan is aligned with up-to-date knowledge that brings out the best for you.

Starting From 5th June 2024

Tuesday & Wednesday

04:30 pm – 06:00 pm


2 Months



No discount available on weekend batch.

*Valid for New Enrollments Only

Starting From 26th June 2024

Monday & Friday

5:00pm – 6:00pm


2 Months


Rs. 30,000/- Rs. 22,500/-

30% Discount On Total Fees on Amazon

*Valid for New Enrollments Only

Why Do You Need Amazon Training in Karachi?

Amazon is a vast e-marketplace, full of value and opportunities, which can be extracted if used in the correct way. Amazon training in Karachi offered by Digital Minds Pakistan helps you in extracting maximum information and use it effectively to gain significant opportunities to flourish your business worldwide. If you do not use the platform effectively, you can miss out on the major benefits and potential offered by Amazon.

Starting Point of a Career | Amazon Training in Karachi

Digital Minds recognizes the significance of Amazon and selling through it. In order to shape our youth in such a way that become capable of earning higher pay, Digital Minds Pakistan presents this valuable amazon course in Karachi. The trained associates by us becomes enough competent to switch to higher-paying roles. The aim is not to deliver lectures only; instead, makes them potent of opting for Amazon as a long-term career.

Why Digital Minds for Amazon Training in Karachi?

Despite uncountable institutes offering amazon courses in Karachi, why one should choose Digital Minds for their career-changing opportunity?We have a pool of reasons:

Digital Minds leave no stone unturned when it comes to their training programs. From basic to advanced, for a manufacturer to Entrepreneur – we have everything for everyone.

Instead of delivering robotic lectures, we make our trainees have a physical experience, so they can set up their Amazon store, and run it smoothly.

We lead them in selecting the correct niche, which can be fruitful for them.

FBA and FBM is a crucial part of our training

Learn how to effectively add and optimize product listings.

Get in-depth information about product feed and inventory management.

Master in the elimination of prime products when searching through Amazon

Learn how to use Keepa efficiently

Know profitable sourcing of hot-selling products

Train your virtual assistant professionally

Avail an opportunity to learn from the most experienced and proficient trainer of this field

Get tricks to boost your sales!

Let Your Products Fly off Shelves with Amazon Training in Karachi

Empowering our young youth with the latest skills they need to boost their career. Through our offered amazon course in Karachi, we enable them to build robust cloud fluency so their products fly off shelves within no time.


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